About us

Our company

Is mainly engaged in manufacturing and exporting handcrafts and furniture using materials such as wicker, grass, bamboo, and rattan. We also involve in businesses such as, carton making, winery, logistics, wicker farming, and camping tent manufacturing. Meanwhile, we have a fully owned factory and 22 sub-factories in the manufacture industry and have office branches in Hefe, Yiwu, and Shenzhen in China and oversea partners in the US. There are more than 150 clients overseas from 40 different countries

In 2009, the company had sale revenue of 0.52 billion RMB, sale profit of 45 million RMB, and 32 million USD of export profit. The fixed asset capital was increased by 40 million RMB and the tax payment was over 10 million RMB.

Our honors

Our company is certificated as one of the most trustable companies in the industry; it is rated as the “treble A” trustable company by the Agricultural Bank of China; it is also given the “private enterprise excellent reward” by the Anhui province government. Our company produces varies of products. The quality of these products passes ISO9000 in 2001. The handcraft brand "Huaanda” is certified as one of the “most honorable brands” in Anhui province in 2008. It is rated as the “treble A” trustable company by the chamber of handcraft import and export trade.

Our company actively involves with local communities by providing employment opportunities. There are approximately 3100 farmers are sub-contracting with our company and 80% of farmers are shake off poverty.


Our philosophy

Our company works closely with charities and utilities in China with donations are approximately 5 million RMB accumulatively. Our philosophy focuses on people. We believe that the company growth is based on the motivation of our people and the development through scientific research. We are doing our best to contribute our society and persist in the future. 

Our latest performance

Our company has two new projects undergoing. One is edible oil warehouse for oil storage, which is located in the town called Fengjing. The warehouse is planning to occupant over 30 thousands square meters, the project started in the end of 2009 and is planning to complete in the end of 2010 with total planned investment of 40 million RMB. Until the end of 2009, there has been 15 million RMB invested in the project, the storage of 7700 square meters has been established and started to operate in autumn.

The other project is the development of new camping tent with The Luckly Clover Trading Co. in the US started in 2009. Once the project is established, it is estimated to produce 10 thousands camping tests annually with estimated revenue of 20 million RMB. Moreover, the project is estimated to increase 300 employment positions. So far, the project is well undergoing and has generated 8 million RMB until the end of 2009.















Wicker handcraft-wicker basket,highly with ornamental value.

People use wicker basket for their daily life. In the same time, they enjoy the happyness which from nice baskets. This product is recycle resouce in the world. It is protect our living environment. Also it can be destroy by itself. The design of basket shows the characteristic showadvantage from china and our culture. Export to overseas it helps us bring our culture to everywher in the world and set up friendship with foreigner.